In pleasant ambient we offer large selection of daily fresh fish,
grilled meals and top-quality wines.

About Us

Konoba RivaTavern Riva opened its doors in 1998. It's located in the ancient part of Rab with a 1500 years old tradition what makes the experience of eating the traditional meals complete.

Owner and general manager, Boris Brusić Renaud reflects his passion towards Mediterranean gastronomy through top quality meals and drinks, but also through atmosphere that he joyfully creates.

Besides fast and quality service, terrace with 25 tables, guests can enjoy in songs performed by traditional Dalmatian singers, but also ambient and jazz music.

We hope you will visit us and experience uniqueness of Adriatic Sea, traditional cooking, and historical surroundings of Rab.

About Rab

Grad RabRAB, a town and port on the western coast of the island bearing the same name; population 592. Situated on an elongated peninsula between the Cove of St. Euphemia and the port of Rab, where a compact Mediterranean settlement was built. The climate is extremely favourable; the average annual air temperature in January is 6.7 °C, and in July 23.2 °C; the average relative air humidity is 68 %; the new part of the town developed opposite the port. The town port lies in a protected bay; the outer and inner ports are divided by a breakwater. The depth in the central part of the inner harbour attains between 3 and 5 m; 6-8 m along the eastern embankment of the peninsula, where a 70-m long pier for larger vessels was constructed. The port for smaller vessels has a depth of 4 m. The islet of Tunera, connected by a bank with the coast, protects the outer port from the influence of the open sea.Grad Rab The port is protected by a breakwater to the south-west, along which, on the inner side, larger vessels of the coastal shipping dock. The marina is in the north-eastern part of the town port. The main occupation is tourism, yachting tourism in particular. The tourist complex Padova III with a campsite is located on the eastern coast of the town port. Situated on the main road (M29) connecting Rab with the ferry ports in Lopar and Misnjak.

History of Rab

Sv. IvanThe ancient name Arba, Arva, Arbia (mentioned by Ptolemy and Pliny the Elder, and in Tabula Peutingeriana) derives probably from the Illyrian Arb, meaning dark, green, forested, which is a main feature of the island even today. In the 10th century the emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus calls it Arbe, the form later taken over by the Italian language. The Croatian name Rab was first mentioned in 1446, in a document on the establishment of the Franciscan monastery of St. Euphemia in Kampor. Under the rule of Emperor August Rab became a Roman municipality. Already in the 5th century Rab was the seat of the diocese. Croats inhabited Rab some time later than the other islands because they had to conquer a well-organised local Roman community. At the beginning of the 11th century Rab fell under the rule of Venice for a short period, and then joined Croatia. At the time, a free urban commune was established, a political form which rendered the town and the island peace and economic boom till 1409, after which the almost 400-year long rule of Venice followed. Fragments of the Statues from the 14th century, contain interesting political, communal and economic regulations. The diocese was abolished in 1828. Rab started to recover economically not before the first decades of the 20th century, when it became a climatic and summer resort.


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